Ancient Texts

I wrote about my inherited tendency toward technological/emotional hoarding for Medium’s personal-writing collection, Human Parts.


Worn Stories

If you haven’t read Emily Spivack’s collection of garment histories yet, I highly recommend it. The book contains a series of micro-memoirs about the clothes we keep. You can read my own submission here.

Know Thy Shelf

In the most recent issue of The Spectator, we published a feature titled “Know Thy Shelf,” a riff on Hamilton’s motto. John Rufo, Sean Henry-Smith and I interviewed students and faculty members at the College about their shelves and how their contents serve as representations of self. We decided to expand the idea into an ongoing blog project, which you can check out here.

Spec Clips

I’ve been working for Hamilton College’s weekly student newspaper, The Spectator, since I was a first-year—starting as a copy editor then moving up to positions in production and news editing. In March, I took over as editor-in-chief. Below you can find some of the pieces I’ve written for the Spec, as well as layouts I designed.

Experience prepares teachers, not training

Senior Bucket List

Faculty votes to remove communication major

Cox advocates for intersectionality, awareness

The official Spectator holiday gift guide

CELC relocation isn’t just a housing solution

Hillary loves Hamilton (can also be read here)

The emails heard ’round the Hill (can also be read here)

Clinton secured as next Great Names speaker

Spiritual film library to honor Hicks ’09

Mashable Clips

Listed in chronological order: