FORTY-THREE NORTH made waves when it came out this semester. For starters, Kina and I barely publicized the journal, other than by word-of-mouth, so when copies started showing up in spaces around campus, people were attracted to the foreignness of the cover design. It wasn’t Red Weather, our College’s literary magazine—that came out about a week earlier. It wasn’t either of the weeklies—The Spectator or The Duel. And it certainly wasn’t The Daily Bull. When people picked up copies of FORTY-THREE NORTH and perused, it became clear to them right away that this publication wasn’t quite like any other on campus. We were proud.

Below, you can read my own essay that’s published in the first-ever issue of FORTY-THREE NORTH. I wrote it my freshman year, and while it’s certainly not “journalistic work,” it’s something I’m proud of nonetheless.


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