BikeBorgs Transform Bicycles Into Human Hybrids

Some people ride bikes because they can’t drive. Others do it because they prefer cycling to traveling by other, less eco-friendly means. And still others do so because they foresee a near-future in which biking will be the only way to get around. For BikeBorgs, the hypothetical human-bicycle users the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) dreamt up, the last is the case.

CIID believes firmly that bikes will become the mode of transportation, as fuel becomes less available and more expensive. The BikeBorg culture may not be a result of personal choice, but rather a theoretical way of life born of necessity.

Developers Hideaki MatsuiAndrew Nip, and Markus Schmeiduch have created a set of wearable parts that capitalize on cyberpunk aesthetics and create a symbiotic relationship between cycle and cycler. The prototype connects the user to his bike using wires that link the handlebars to his chest, enabling data and energy transfer between the two.

Through this connection, a symbiotic and self-sustaining relationship is established between bike and biker. Open source hardware and software allow the BikeBorg accessories to be programmed to the user’s personal needs. BikeBorg specs and details can be seen in the images below:


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