LED-Clad Hikers Create Light Art As They Traverse The Hills Of Scotland In Speed Of Light


Photo by Alan McAteer.

Performance is not for the weak. Alertness, strength, and endurance are essential qualities in anyone present at a long-duration performance piece, since the boundaries between artist and audience often become blurred.

As a part of this year’s Edinburgh International and London 2012 Festivals, NVA organized an ongoing public installation called Speed of Light, inviting runners and walkers alike to ascend Arthur’s Seat sporting LED gear to illuminate the mountain at night. The results are these stunning images of their hike, marked in colorful light.


Photo by Toby Williams.


Photo by Peter Buchanan.

The effect? Think Great Wall of China, decked out in holiday lights, photographed with a slow shutter speed.


Photo by Sally Jubb.


Photo courtesy of Scotsman.


Photo by Dan Kitwood.

Speed of Light kicked off yesterday and is running through September 1. You can buy audience tickets online, or even volunteer to run (if you think you have it in you).

[via The Creators Project]


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