The Future Of Lighting Is Kinetic Sculpture That Dances On Your Ceiling


Thinking about settling down? Having kids? Maybe even getting a puppy? Whoa, whoa, whoa—hold up. Are you sure you’re ready? Will your new addition have a nurturing environment to live in with room to grow? How about something that requires a little less TLC… Say, a fancy new lighting fixture?

The newest model in Philips’s kinetic lighting series, the LivingSculpture 3D module system is a good first step to bringing new life into your home, since you can program its motion yourself via an online configurator. Designed by WHITEvoid, LivingSculpture 3D uses OLED technology, and the super-thin light-emitting glass plates can be controlled by an iPad. You can also select the number of programmable tiles you’d like to include in your design depending on how much space you’re working with. And the cool thing is, your light sculpture won’t grow—like a baby, or a puppy inevitably would.

Maybe we’re a little biased. We’ve seen and sought after design like this before. But we’re also looking out for you! Before you make any rash decisions, consider the sensible alternative to raising a living thing: designing and owning a LivingSculpture.





[via The Creators Project]


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